About us

Lund University building

Our History

WellBeMed Sweden AB was founded in the early 2000's based on an idea to develop products that could help us battle lifestyle related problems.

With the ancient knowledge of lemon balm being an herb that soothes anxiety and facilitates sleep onset, a clinical pilot study was carried out at the Biomedical Center at Lund University. Based on the interesting results of the study, WellBeMed has developed products that are relevant to help solving one of the biggest health problems of our time, sleep problems. 

Based on science, we continue our journey to help people all over the world to get a better life.

WellBeMed Choclate Bar on a bed

Our vision

• Increase quality of life for people by contributing to solutions that relieve lifestyle-related health problems.

• Healthy and available products for all to use and that are sustainable.

• Remain a responsible business.

Our products

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WellBeSleep® Shot and Bar

WellBeSleep® Shot and Bar

Enjoy WellBeSleep® shot before bedtime to help you find your calm